There are many success stories, in which we played a primary role supporting our Customers


There are many success stories, in which we played a primary role supporting our Customers. Only knowledge of the products, correct management of machinery and compliance with maintenance procedures can ensure our customers achieve ambitious objectives. We want to be there by their side, experiencing their success.

Below, we will provide some example success stories which specifically highlight the professionalism and technical skills of our company, establishing partnerships with our Customers to ensure the success of every single project.



    The FERRETTI nautical company relies on the Fluiten Italia mechanical seals for the rotary shafts of its vessels. We have also supplied MU seals for propeller shafts of up to 120 mm and the MMS series for propellers with larger diameters for the nautical sector. The Fluiten product market niche varies, spanning from "pleasure" boats to work boats – in which we can include the military sector- and particularly vessels with propeller axes that are greater than 60 mm in diameter. It is precisely in this area that customers appreciate technology and construction that has a high degree of reliability and which is needed for applications that are, undoubtedly, critical. We supplied the Ferretti Group with seals which ensure high level technical performance and reliability, enabling them to move away from the use of secondary lubricants which are harmful to the environment.



    Fluiten provides 3V GLASSCOAT with an exclusive and high-tech range of mechanical seals. The 3V TECH Group is a global supplier of process systems dedicated to chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental industries. 3V GLASSCOAT S.p.A. forms part of the group and presents itself as an innovative manufacturer of enamelled steel equipment and systems specifically for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Having decided that the quality of materials, workmanship and engineering represent essential factors within the production process of these enamelled products, 3V GLASSCOAT established a partnership with Fluiten to optimise the machinery design, and asked us to develop a high-tech seal for this specific application, and therefore able to offer completive advantages to the end user. We named it “Fluiten for 3V GLASSCOAT”, a dual seal to avoid polluting the atmosphere and the appearance of corrosion on the outer part of the machinery; we pre-assembled it as a cartridge and tested it on the bench for easy assembly on the machine therefore preventing positioning errors and to provide quicker technical assistance.

The Fluiten mechanical gas seals with Fluilift technology were selected for the hydroconversion system within the IPLOM refinery in Busalla, in the province of Genoa. We were awarded the call for tender for our offer of dual pressurized mechanical seals, as specified by standards governing environmental impact, able to avoid polluting the atmosphere and avoiding any issues relative to the safety of the environment and persons. The products treated within the hydrodesulfurization system of the refinery are dangerous as they have a high content of hydrogen sulfide. We also supplied the flushing systems for the dual mechanical seal pressurization, produced individually so that the engineering is unique for each of the requested systems. We also dynamically tested all seals, included as part of the supply, subsequently delivering them to the machinery producers according to the times specified.



SOLVAY Solexis selected the Fluiten mechanical seals for its polymer latex work. We installed a triple mechanical seal to the Solvay Solexis system in Spinetta Marengo (Alessandria), the largest Solvay Solexis production site, the international leader of the fluoride materials sector. Our Fluiten seals replaced the previously used ones on a piece of equipment dedicated to polymer latex work, improving efficiency and reliability, whilst guaranteeing heightened production regularity. We developed the TC seal, engineering it specifically for this solution, re-designing it according to measurements which would prevent undercuts, installing it as per a triple configuration which guarantees greater safety even in the instance where the main seal is damaged, and which is able to bring the production process to a close. We used materials which are able to withstand the abrasive action which forms part of the process, which reduce overheating and prevent undesired solid mass combinations and polymerizations.



Fluiten is awarded a contract to retrofit approximately ten mechanical seals at the ENI system in Sannazzaro, near Pavia. We won against 5 multinationals from overseas. We were selected not only for providing the best value for money, but primarily for the technical reliability of our products and for the high levels of skill for which we are recognised, having exceeded all the Customer's standards. We worked on existent pumps which were perfectly functional to improve their effectiveness and safety, an element which is of primary importance to ENI who dedicated an entire department to this issue. We applied a pressurized barrier system in order to guarantee the safety of the machines and to avoid the release of products into the atmosphere. We were also able to guarantee ENI a delivery time which was half of that offered by competitors and to test, all thanks to optimal logistics which oversees that all departments are grouped (from design to testing) in a single location, the mechanical seal complete with machine safety system on the test bench, simulating genuine seal system operating conditions within the test room. We guaranteed monitoring of the systems applied to the machines within the plant of Sannazzaro, without requesting any modifications, offering innovative solutions in compliance with ENI's original design, a determining factor at the time of tender.



    We participated in the tender and were awarded the contract by ENEL in 2006, overseeing the installation of mechanical seals to the pumps of the “Andrea Palladio” thermal electrical power plant in Fusina, near Venice. The retrofitting work applied to the plant pumps was carried out in the period between 2006 and 2008. To ensure the long-term reliability of the plant and optimise the original solution, we replaced the seals which were originally applied to the system, with our pre-assembled cartridge mechanical seals, able to facilitate assembly to the pump and any future maintenance and replacement operations. The supply, which was provided in a single delivery, included 8 seals for 4 feeder pumps, 8 seals for 4 booster pumps and a spare part set.  In accordance with ENEL, we decided to carry out the installation work in two separate stages in order to avoid the arise of any problems, the complete stoppage of the plant and to provide ENEL with a one year guarantee in terms of the perfect functioning of the mechanical seals. During the first installation stage, 4 seals were applied to 2 feeder and booster pumps, and during the second installation stage, the remaining 4 to the remaining 2 pumps.