Research and Development

Design, experimentation and development to offer constantly avant-garde products


Already from the early 80s, FLUITEN was able to produce seals for 12,000 rpm centrifugal compressors. At present, all out tests comply with the strict American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. In the mean time we produced seal rings for machine tools, able to sustain pressures of hundreds of bar and with an extremely high number of revolutions (30-40,000) even where there is no liquid lubricant, in accordance with the latest market requests. We represent the reference company for Italian manufacturing companies, within the agitator sector, and we work to provide dynamic testing which simulates genuine operating conditions.

The company made substantial investments in Research and Development, to the extent that every scientific institution and competitor Manufacturer gives praise to FLUITEN for having created a dynamic testing room, the most avant-garde in Europe, one of the very few able to support complex experimental calculations and simulations of the worst operating conditions. The constant research of innovative solutions, based upon the study of intrinsic material features, led us to develop novel, technologically advanced products, for example, those used in the Fluilift® and Fluigrid® technologies, for which FLUITEN has issued patents.